PPP to show flexibility on commissionary system to end violence

04 Aug

People gather at a burnt down hotel in Surjani area of Karachi. Many of Pashutn businesses have been targeted in recent violence.

The start-stop killings of both political workers and innocent people in Karachi have a strong connection with Peoples Party’s attempts to administrate Sindh province along different lines than the former president Musharraf had: restoration of commissionorates and proposed- upgradation of its Liyari stronghold to level of district in Karachi.

The bloodbath began as soon as PPP government restored the old administrative system and, sources say, could continue unless the government bows to Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s demand to reverse the step.

Sources says MQM is systematically using violence to pressurize PPP, which had tried to prop up MQM’s rival Mohajir Qaumi Movement as counter weight in the political scenario but in vain.

The PPP government is now considering ending commissionary system in MQM dominated Karachi and Hyderabad, leaving the rest of provincial administration intact, said the sources. It is also ready to roll-back plan on Liyari and would soon share the idea with MQM, they said.

Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies have informed the government that MQM, ANP and Liyari Gangesters are preparing to attack each other and that MQM was hatching conspiracy for ethnic violence in the city, according to sources.

MQM had instructed it sector level organization to target ethnic Pashtuns in the city and Pashtun businesses are specially being hit, said the sources.

A federal investigative agency, in a letter send on July 24, reported to central government that MQM was stirring ethnic violence in Karachi and had planned to continue bloodbath unless city government system is restored in the city, sources have told Ummat.

A 48-hours ultimatum issued by MQM to government on Karachi was clear indication of its motives to continue the violent-policy, noted the sources.

The party has asked a prominent leader in Sindh to persuade the government in favour of Musharraf era local bodies system and PPP agreed to show some flexibility, sources say

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